No Paraben Purifying Rosemary Skin Toner

No Paraben Purifying Rosemary Skin Toner

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These Extraordinary Alcohol-free toner Enriched with an excellent skin moisturizing factor, tone and moisturize the skin, preparing it to receive all benefits of face creams With Rosemary extract.

The Natural Touch
Can be Used 2-3 Times a Day

Purifying rosemary toner contains bela flower extracts which helps in retaining moisture, marigold extracts which firms and tones the skin, helps reduce open pores, while rosemary and neem extracts have antiseptic, anti-bacterial properties, as well as curbs excess oil secretion.

Rosemary is rich in vital nutrients, including iron, calcium, and antioxidants. It may help prevent signs of aging, treat acne, and prevent infection.

It also has aromatic properties that may sooth and rejuvenate

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