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Disputes between sellers and customers are natural in business. But the fact is that such problems occur due to lack of communication or any prohibited activity from the buyer or retailer. Such quarrels are supposed to be only in legal offices, and the final explication will be of the legal jurisdiction.

Ardent Technology (PTE) Limited makes sure that experts work with the organization giving their maximum to make the website perfect. Still, errors may happen. Errors may be in the form of a product description, price listing, text, graphics, image display, etc. We are bound to clear the mistakes and make the corrections as soon as we recognize any. We value and are always open to people’s ideas and inputs.

We at Ardent Technology (PTE) Limited can eliminate users' accounts without any prior warning. This is arranged to secure all the data that we have. If we doubt any consumer or someone else for disrupting the guideline or utilizing our resources, we will take stern action against such people. Those will not be approved to go forward or buy our goods anymore, all unfinished obtainments shall be dropped.

We are happy that we are winning many reviews, comments, and testimonials on our site. However, sometimes there may be false comments as well. Such comments shall be viewed as an individual’s conception and some are opponents' deliberate actions to bring us down in the market.

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