Pure and Virgin Grade - For Healthy Hair and Skin

Pure and Virgin Grade - For Healthy Hair and Skin

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 DIY Beauty Recipe: Peppermint Castor Oil

​The Peppermint Castor Oil hair mask is ideal if you’re shedding or if you’re trying to grow stronger and fuller hair. It also works great if you have bald spots or some areas where only baby hair grows. Castor Oil by itself is ideal to strengthen hair, enhance hair growth and repair split ends. The Peppermint Oil will give it an invigorating feel on top of stimulating blood flow, which also promotes hair growth.

It is best to apply the treatment, while having dry hair, on the roots and the scalp only.


Heat 2 Tablespoons of Castor Oil for 10 to 20 seconds.
Add 5 drops of Peppermint Oil
Apply on the roots and massage your scalp with it.
Leave overnight wrapped in towel/ Shower cap

Thicker & Fuller Eyelash

Apply Castor oil drops on eyelashes overnight, rinse thoroughly next morning.

Massage . Castor Oil on eyebrows, for thicker, denser eyebrows

Smooth Feet

Apply mixture of Castor oil and Olive Oil on foot heels and let it stay overnight

Smooth Hand

Massage Nail cuticles with Castor oil for stronger nails that don't break

100% Pure & Natural

Apply Castor oil using the comb applicator for effective spread on the scalp. Massage on scalp area, and wash thoroughly with Argan Biotin Shampoo for best results.

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